October 1st- changes, happiness, getting back into it.

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Hello October! The 10th month in the year. Honestly this year has been pretty shitty. I started the year thinking that multiple overseas trips were happening, I would be thriving in the city I loved so much, and I would be taking my boyfriend to Australia to meet my parents. Thank goodness at least one of those things happened, as I got to take my boyfriend Quang home with me this June/July. We had such an amazing time in Australia, and it was easily the best two months of the year.

When winter came last year (November), my love for Hanoi started to diminish. I was getting sick a lot, not coping with the temperatures (which are not that low, but with little to no heating and insulation everywhere you go and motorbikes being the only mode of transport available, it sucked), and losing money. fast.
I’m not going to go into how sad I have been this last 10 months, blah blah blah, because I want this to be positive, and it makes me sound ungrateful. As unlucky as I have been this year, I am also extremely lucky, and I think that I forget to remind myself of this sometimes. I have an amazing boyfriend, the most supportive person in this world – my absolute soulmate, my boyfriends family have put me up in their house and feed me every day, and I was able to take my boyfriend to Australia, so overall, I could have a worse life. Remember to count your blessings.


When I came back to Hanoi at the end of June, my boss told me ‘oh no, you don’t start work again till September, but I promise you, in September you will be working so many hours it will make up for it, so don’t get any other jobs yet’. Like I can just ‘get another job’ like that anyway. So for August, I mainly did cover shifts, and earned around the same as the average Vietnamese wage ($150-$200USD).
Anyway, September has come and gone, and I am in no way doing the amount of shifts I was promised. I had just gotten another job and starting to ‘get back on my feet’ with two jobs when I went to one the other day and they told me ‘Oh we are cutting our English program in October so we wont need you from the 1st’. This was 4 days before the end of September. Thanks guys.
*I would like to point out at this point that Quang and I are currently planning on returning to Australia for 3 months soon, we have been accepted for the visa, we just need to save the money for tickets and whatever we need, which is why I’ve been so stressed about the money*

So basically lately I have been having really bad luck with money. I don’t know what it is, I have been applying for jobs left, right, and centre. It’s reeeeallly not that hard to get a job here, so I don’t know why I keep lucking out. Friends have been trying to refer me to some people they know, but it’s taking a really long time to get back on my feet. Honestly it’s really exhausting. But I decided yesterday that there’s literally nothing I can do other than what I am already doing. I am working hard at the jobs I’m already doing, and trying every day to get new jobs, that just don’t seem to be working out.

Something has been telling me lately that the universe has something big planned for me. I don’t know if it’s good, or if it’s bad. But something’s happening. And I feel like I need to be at peace with what’s happening. Instead of stressing myself to headaches and tears every day, I want to end the day saying ‘I did the best I could, I will continue doing my best, whats happening is happening for a reason.’

You will be seeing more blog posts from me, I promise. I have been really drawn to writing lately so I will be doing it a lot more, I hope!

If you’ve got this far, I want to say thank you for reading! If something is going on in your life right now, know that there is a plan for you, and if you keep just doing the best you can do, life will reward you. Remember: what you put out into the world will come back at you.

Until next time x


One thought on “October 1st- changes, happiness, getting back into it.

  1. Well done Millie! Life will knock you down, just remember to get back up, brush yourself off & feel amazed at how resilient you are! Yes you have a lot to be grateful for but in between life sometimes sucks! But don’t let it suck the life out of you. Big hugs & lots of love – you will work it out because you’re frigging awesome! 😘


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